Job Descriptions for Blackwell PTSA
Board of Directors


All Board Members are expected to:
  •  Review the weekly newsletter, "Weekly Waves" sent by LWPTSA via email.
  • Attend one WSPTA approved training per year (some are available online).

  • Review Standards of Affiliation Checklist and maintain ‘in good standing' status as a board.

  • Attend BOD meetings (if unavailable to attend, assign a proxy to share your updates)

  • Attend membership meetings or communicate your absence to secretary prior to meeting.

  • Follow Blackwell’s civility code, LWSD policies, and uphold the duties of a nonprofit board member(Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty, and Duty of Obedience)
  • Be available to attend handover meeting with outgoing BOD member and provide one to incoming BOD Member in June. 



Please see below the detailed job descriptions for each position on the board.





This position is traditionally held by Co-Presidents but can be held by one person.  

  • Promote and encourage a positive image of PTSA within the community and partner with school leadership. Disseminate and communicate all information received pertinent to PTSA programs.
    • Attend monthly Lake Washington PTSA Council Meetings.
    • Monthly meetings with Principal. Meetings as needed with Staff, Specialists and Building Leadership (find out the needs of safety patrol, student leadership, and health room and communicate this to board)
    • Ensure representation at the monthly Lake Washington PTSA Council Meetings. Serve as voting delegate for the Blackwell PTSA.
    • Appoint voting delegates to Washington State PTA Convention (BOD Decision)

    • Complete the Standards of Affiliation Checklist with the Washington State PTA. Deadline: October 31st. Communicate the requirements in the standards of affiliation agreement to elected board members. 

    • Ensure that during the PTSA year (July 1– June 30), at least one elected officer attends the mandatory
      “PTA and the Law” training and all other other elected officers attend at least one training as required in the WSPTA Standards of Affiliation agreement.
    • Make sure that officers’ names and contact information are entered into WSPTA’s membership database or sent to the WSPTA office when officers are elected. 
  • Preside at all PTSA meetings (typically 10 per year). All meeting date and times are determined by presidents and approved by the BOD and Principal. Share a calendar of meetings with BOD and General Membership. Meetings include:
    • Summer Executive Board Retreat (1)
      • Welcome new members on board, communicate job descriptions and provide all relevant information required for on boarding them in their new role.
    • General Membership Meetings (3)

    • Board of Director Meetings (6+)
  • Plan and share Agenda for all PTSA meetings in collaboration with the Secretary utilizing input from BOD members.
  • Oversee day-to-day Financial Business for the PTSA:
    • Act as signatory on PTSA accounts and contracts or appoint authorized signatories. Meet with the Treasurer as needed to sign checks.
    • Have full access to all online financial accounts.
    • Review and process all reimbursement requests.
  • Appointment of the following special committees with approval from BOD:
    • Financial Review Committees, mid-year and end-of-year.
    • Grant Committees
    • Nominating Committee elected according to Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws.
    • Schedule and attend Nominating Committee orientation.
  • Familiarity with: Blackwell PTSA Standing Rules, WSPTA Uniform Bylaws, WSPTA Standards of Affiliation agreement, Basic parliamentary procedure, Robert’s Rules of Order, PTA leader resources from the Council, State, and National PTA.




*Note: this is not a shared position

  • Responsible for the day-to-day Financial Business of the PTSA including:
    • Reimbursement of expenses (subject to approval) and grant funds
    •  Bank Transactions
  • Monthly reconciliation of all financial accounts:
    • Bank Accounts
    • Stripe/Lumapay account
    • Benevity Account
  •  Communicating relevant financial information to BOD and General Membership:
    • Monthly Budget Report listing Income and Expenditure to date.
    • Anticipated changes to budget based on inputs from BOD members and/or General
  • Ensure MoneyMinder (PTSA’s accounting software) is up to date and maintained. Generate and save all relevant documentation, reports, and supporting files in Teams.
  • Complete and File all legal paperwork for the PTSA including:
    • Annual Registration for the PTSA with the Secretary of State under the Charitable
      Solicitations Act. Deadline: September 30th.
    • IRS Form 8822-B, change of responsible party.
    • Annual Report with WA Secretary of State
    • Annual Tax Return - Filing IRS Form 990.
    • Washington State Gambling Commission Quarterly License Report.
    • Renew WA DOR Reseller Permit.
    • Renew and Pay Insurance Coverage via AIM Insurance.
  • Prepare documentation for mid-year financial review.
  • Serve as Chair of the PTSA Budget Committee to set the budget for the next fiscal year.
  • Responsible for all originals and copies of all legal documents for the PTSA. Copies are kept with the treasurer while originals are kept in a Safe.
  • Close the books on June 30 and submit the books and records for financial review to a financial review committee.
  • Responsible for onboarding incoming treasurer by transferring online access and handing over books and all passwords.
  • Coordinate bank appointment with the President to remove/add signers to the account in July.





  • The Executive VP assists the President in their duties and tracks requirements in the Standards of Affiliation Agreement. 
  • Calendar Planning of all in-School PTSA events and programs in collaboration with President and School Leadership. Communication of Events Calendar to BOD and General Membership.

  • The EVP is responsible for training all committee chairs and ensuring all documentation is received before events.

  • Program Support to all PTSA led in-school programming:
    • Acquiring nominations for and facilitating appointment by BOD of all Committee Chairs.
    • Communicating Budget, Chair Checklists and Documentation Requirements to all appointed Committee Chairs,
    • Communicating Committee Plan of Action to the BOD and seeking any required approvals.
    • Regularly communicating with and providing program support to chairs, as needed.
  • Volunteer Support for PTSA led in-school programs:
    • Encourage volunteerism and request volunteer sign ups online throughout the year.
    • Ensure that all PTSA volunteers are LWSD approved by checking status and sending out renewal reminders as needed.  
    • Regularly update the online volunteer request page to ensure that all programming needs are currently reflected.
    • Sending a list of volunteers signed up on the PTSA websire to to committee chairs.
    • Support in acquiring volunteers for events, if needed.
  • EVPs are Responsible for the following events:
    • End of Year Volunteer Appreciation Tea & Awards
  • Responsibility for the managing the following Committee Chairs: 
    • Picture Day (picture day, picture retake day and class picture day)
    • Staff Appreciation: Monthly Luncheons and Staff Appreciation Week
    • Art Program
    • Reflections Program
    • Health Room Committee and Vision & Hearing Screens
    • Emergency Prep
    • Talent Show
    • Yearbook /Yearbook Cover Art Contest
    • Field Day Support (review with PE teacher)
    • Halloween Boo-Fest 
    • Movie Nights 
    • 5th Grade Legacy Project (communicate approved budget from PTSA) 
    • Assume responsibilities of the President in their absence.  






The secretary MUST be available for all PTSA meetings or have a trained proxy in place if they are unavailable

  •  Responsible for documentation associated with all PTSA BOD and GMM meetings including:
    • Partner with the President and receive inputs from VPs to prepare and circulate Agenda for BOD and GMM prior to the meetings.
    • Taking Attendance at meetings to determine if a quorum is present. In the event both the president and the vice president are absent, the secretary calls the meeting to order and asks for volunteers to serve as a temporary chair. 
    • Take Minutes of Meetings
    • Prepare minutes for each BOD and GMM Meeting.
    • Send minutes of both BOD and GMM meetings to BOD members within 1 week of the meeting.
    • Post GMM meeting minutes to PTSA website within 1 week of obtaining BOD Approval of GMM Minutes.
    • Maintain copies of all minutes, correspondence, committee reports and meeting notes.
  • Responsible for PTSA mail and correspondence:
    • Maintain PTSA online calendar.
    • Monitor PTSA Mailbox
    • Monthly Review of the Standards of Affiliation
    • Keep track of all approved training the BOD takes and records.
    • Maintain a current roster of all officers and board members.
  • Responsible for the following support to BOD:
    • As a non-signer, review monthly bank statements.
    • Monthly review of PTSA Standards of Affiliation
    • Keep track of all approved trainings completed by BOD 
  • Assume responsibility for Standards of Excellence and other annual Awards Paperwork in collaboration with respective VPs. Ensure that all Award Paperwork is complete and submitted on time.

  • Serve as the voting delegate for Blackwell PTSA at Council meetings.



VP Communications


  • Partner with BOD, Committee Chairs and School Administration to facilitate communication between home and school.
  • Assume responsibility for the following communication tools:
    • Website: Oversee webmaster volunteers to update Blackwell PTSA website and payment platform. Communications VP assumes the role of webmaster if there is not a volunteer available. Add new pages and edit content as BOD and Committees request. Proofread and edit messaging sent out from Blackwell PTSA.

    • Events Calendar: Update events calendar at needed through the year. ( partner with EVP and Secretary)

    • Email: Monitor incoming emails to the main PTSA inbox and reply or forward to the appropriate board member or committee chairperson as needed. Maintain and update the email distribution lists.

    • Bobcat Bulletin (Newsletter): Oversee newsletter volunteer. Responsible for design, editing and distribution of weekly email newsletter for Blackwell PTSA members.Coordinate with BOD, Committee Chairs, and program/event stakeholders to receive up-to-date information.

    • Reader Board: Communications VP should be available to provide messaging support to reader board manager. Reader board manager report into EVP, who creates rotation schedule for updating.

    • Facebook Page/Group: Communications VP manages all public facing FB messaging and audits account.

  • Responsible for the following events/committees:
    • Student Directory





  • Communicate with other school PTSAs to share information, activities and events and report back to the Blackwell PTSA and community.

  • Focus on community building and working closely with BOD and Committee chairs to increase family participation at PTSA membership meetings and after school events.

  • Conduct surveys within 48 hours of close of event/program to obtain regular feedback and suggestions for improvement from membership and larger parent body. Present survey findings to BOD and communicate the same to event chair.

  • Appointment of the following special committees in collaboration with President and EVPs:
    • Parent Education
  • Program Support for the following Events:
    • Summer Playdates (All School and Kinder)
    • New Family Welcome Event
    • Kindergarten Coffees (Boo Hoo & Yahoo)
    • All School Belonging Event
    • Incoming Kindergarten Registration & Belonging Event





  • Partner with President and Principal to determine the additional activities that support and enrich Blackwell's curriculum, including before-and-after school programs, and communication with parents and vendors.

  • Contact vendors directly to discuss possibilities of before/after school enrichment classes. Coordinate among school, PTSA, and the vendor to figure out time, location,duration, and charge of the class.

  • Identify a parent leader to chair a before-and-after school program (e.g. running club, math club, geography bee club); provide support regarding PTSA/school resources.

  • Identify a parent leader to organize one-time enrichment events (e.g. math competition, spelling bee contest); provide support regarding PTSA/school resources.

  • Partner with Treasurer and Communications VP to ensure all forms, signatures, registrations and payments are accounted for prior to a program's start.

  • Ensure that parent chaperones are available for each enrichment program. Sign contracts with chaperones to bring them on board and make sure that substitutes are available if chaperones are unavailable.

  • Conduct survey near the end of school year to collect families' feedback regarding enrichment. Review surveys and identify opportunities.

  • Works closely with communications VP to update website pages and newsletter updates on all enrichment activities (ex: coding, lego engineering, running club, math club, spelling, chess club, etc)



  • Partner with all board members and advocate for our community:
    • Gather and communicate issues requiring state or local legislation.
    • Stay abreast of current legislative activities and alert the board and membership to issues that impact the school-age children and the wider school community and where may be a need for parental action.
  • Assume responsibility for the following committees/events:
    • Walk to School Month
    • Halloween Costume Swap
    • Sustainability
    • Gardening Initiatives at Blackwell
    • Additional Assembly Recommendations
    • Parent Education ( minimum of 1 night) 
  • Attend the State PTSA Annual Legislative Assembly and communicate key proceedings to BOD and parent community. 





  • Set Membership goals and drive campaigns to increase membership.
  • Work with President and Principal to ensure each Blackwell staff member receives their PTSA complimentary membership.

  • Get familiar with PTSA Website Dashboard. Manage contacts and member list.
  • Keep track of and report report Membership Data on Memberplanet for LWPTA and WSPTA.

  • Coordinate payment of membership dues to Council and State with Treasurer.

  • Report on membership numbers at each BOD meeting.




VP dei (Diversity, Equity and inclusion)

  • Meet with LWSD and school Equity Team with the goal of finding ways for Blackwell PTSA to collaborate and partner on equity efforts.

  • Work with other board members to publish information, events and resources to the PTSA website, Facebook pages and newsletter.
  • Work with BOD, EVPs and Community to ensure that our diverse community is represented in school programming through special Events, Displays and Installations showcasing family traditions, morning announcements etc.

  • Partner with EVPs and Chairs before promotion of event to ensure that the goal of inclusion is being achieved:
    • Ensure accommodations are being provided for SEG students in collaboration with SEG Chair or SEG staff
    • Ensure free/discounted tickets and/or items needed for participation are provided to students on scholarship through School Counselor
    • Ensure that communication and outreach for events and programs is able to reach all students and families regardless of language or other barriers of access and communications.
  • Assume responsibility for the following committees/events:
    • Special Education Group (SEG)
    • Post-Halloween Candy Drive
    • Pumpkin Patch
    • Gingerbread Village
    • Winter Wishes
    • Valentines Day Celebrations
    • Pantry Packs
    • Holi Celebration
    • Cultural Heritage Night




VP Fundraising

  • Meet with the President to finalize fundraising goals for the year.

  • Develop fundraising strategy and communicate the same to BOD at the first meeting. This may include:
    • Fundraising Drives (e.g. fun run)
    • Corporate Matching
    • Community Partnerships and Sponsorships
    • Fundraising through External Agencies (e.g. Mod Pizza)
  • Assume responsibility for the following committees/events:
    • Fundraising Drives
    • Corporate Matching Drives 
    • Community Partnerships/Sponsorships 
    • School Spirit Wear Store
    • Staff Spirit Wear Store
    • Used Book Fair



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