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2022 LWSD Education Levies

Two replacement levies and one capital construction levy were on the February 8, 2022 ballot. The Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) levy and a School Technology and Capital Projects Levy both replace levies that expire in 2022 and fund staff, programs, early learning, and technology; and help ensure our school buildings are safe and maintained. The Building Excellence Construction Levy funds facility construction projects to accommodate our rapid enrollment growth and continue to provide learning environments that promote excellence for students.


Blackwell PTSA endorsed the three levies that appeared on the February 8th ballot.


Volunteers waved signs on Feb 7th, 2022 in support of the levies.

washington legislative priorities 2020-2022 

The top five legislative priorities for 2020-2022 include:

  • Increase access to nursing, mental health, and social emotional learning staff
  • Support students and preserve education funding
  • Increasing educational equity by closing the digital divide
  • Supports and funding for students with disabilities and their families
  • Prevent and reduce gun violence and suicide

Other supported issues include:

  • Equitable identification and services for highly capable students
  • Mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change
  • Safe school plans and emergency preparedness


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