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PTSA Membership 

Join us in providing support and enrichment to Blackwell students and staff. By joining, you give the PTSA a stronger voice in advocating for your child and help to provide valuable support of our school and activities.


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR teacher & staff AWARD WINNERS! They went above and beyond to make blackwell a spcial place to be 



Outstanding Educator:

Erin Glover


Outstanding Support Staff

Merrily Foreman

Colleen Whillite

GinaMarie Krueger


Outstanding Service

Teddy Postadan

Helen Clemente

Lonnie Brown



Congratulations to our volunteer award winners! your dedication to our community is appreciated!

PTSA Golden Acorn Award

Mary Blake Kristi Rockenbach Andrea Estrada



Blackwell Bronze Bobcat Award

Bhawana Shishodia

Nicole Dresser Corey Deller



Blackwell Bobcat Spirit Award

Stephanie Milton


elected PTSA Board members for 2022-2023


Co-Presidents: Stephanie Milton and Corey Deller

Co-Executive VP’s: Kristin Wilson and Julie Aquino

Secretary: Bhavani Priya and Kelly Lyon-King

Treasurer: Marie Buado

Co-VPs of Fundraising: Zainab Kapadia and Prarthana Shyam

Co-VPs of Communications: Kristi Rockenbach and Jiaying Ni

Co-VP’s of Membership: Molly Richards and Kathryn White

Co-VP’s of FACE:  Shinta Jewell and Celia Barbeau

Co-VPs of Enrichment: Amy Gao and Ye Su

Co-VPs of Advocacy: Elba Gonzalez and Leira Lugo

Co-VP of DEI: Mariam Sami and Megan Selitrennikoff 


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