Talent Show

Calling all Bobcats and Blackwell Staff! We want to showcase YOU


Submit your photo or video (one minute or less) here

Email: blackwellsgottalent@gmail.com by March 18, 2022.


Include: Student’s name, teacher, and anything else you want us to know about your talent.


Share a skill, art piece, song, dance, martial arts move, joke, costume, poem, climb, skate, recipe, sport, gymnastics move, experiment, dominoes track, Rubik's Cube speed, story, or anything you’re proud of.  
Submissions can be individual or group. Siblings can even join. Show off those sled or ski runs, baseball hits, and pet tricks! 

Students watched this video in their classrooms the week of March 7th to learn about participating: 




Images and videos will then be compiled and shown during a virtual school wide event on Thursday, March 24th at 7:00pm. Stay tuned for instructions on the link to watch.



News from our Talent Show Chair, Zainab Kapadia:

We’re looking for parent help too! If you have the following talents please let us know.  
  • Photography. We’re looking for someone to capture the artwork around the school and upload to yearbook link and to our dropbox to use during the show. Or if you are an art docent or art classroom helper, take photos during art time and share. 
  • Videographer. Similar to photographer, but we’re looking to capture PE and Music classes playing the ukelele, singing, doing the chicken dance/macarena, showcasing some scooter, ball, and jump roping skills, etc. We can publish available times to do this as we’re communicating with Music and PE staff. Willing to work around your schedule. 
  • Video editing/production. Once we compile videos, we’re looking to add some fun transitions and anything else to help highlight our students. Also looking to take videos of music classes singing the school anthem and splice these together so it is the length of just the one song. Or at a minimum Kinder and 5th grade classes. 
  • Experience Broadcasting. We will need some help before the event and night of the event.
  • Public Speaking. Grab a mic (provided) and speak to all students during their lunches in March. Available to speak for a couple minutes at approx 11:50am ( K-1 Lunch) 12:20pm (2/3rd) and 12:50pm (4/5). 
  • Any special talents? We’d love to have a couple parents/guardians do a short (less than minute) act to accompany our speaker during a couple of lunch sessions or send us a video of it and we can use it for our promotion video to play for students. 
  • Promoter/Rewarder. A couple different opportunities. This can be broken up: 1. Pass out Flyers to Classrooms ( first week of March) or 2. Help involve the staff so if you know your student’s teacher or past teacher has a hidden talent, offer to video it, or let us know so we can talk to them about showcasing it.  
  • Day After Talent Show: March 25. Help pass out participant buttons to classrooms.
  • Graphic Design/Artists/Crafters. We may be covered for our participation buttons this time, but we would love to find some designers and crafters for our next events coming up like Staff Appreciation Week, so let us know now and we’ll reach out in March. There will be items to do on your own time at home OR meet up at school with a couple of other volunteers. Let us know your preference and we’ll work around your schedule. All experience levels welcome. If you love browsing Pinterest and want to bounce around some ideas, are a pro with a Cricut, or simply just want to meet some other parents/guardians and help make decorations, we’d love to have you!
  • Not sure ? Or maybe you just want to Share Ideas? Email Talent Show Chair, Zainab Kapadia  xainabk@gmail.com

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